The 3 Phases of Winter

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. Winter is so moody. The season itself makes me question why anyone in their right mind would ever voluntarily choose to live in a climate like that of New England.

I categorize winter into three phases:

Phase 1: The beginning stage of winter, many are excited for the holidays and seem to forget the pure misery that is to come. Cold temperatures start to set in and winter lovers become excited about skiing, snowboarding and ice skating. Many are excited for the first snowfall.

Phase 2: In late January or early February, is when the big snowstorms generally start. After there are two feet, people are over the whole snow thing. Everyone just wants it to be over. Occasionally road bans are placed and everyone is forced to stay at home for a few hours, so the plows can do their job.

Phase 3: This occurs when I think everyone has just about reached their breaking point. People have been hibernating for a few months now and long for any bit of sunshine. Disgusting piles of brown, dirty and slushy snow cover everyone’s front yards and the sides of the street. Most people look ghostly pale because their skin has not seen sunlight in far too long.


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