I thought I would take a moment to enlighten you with a list of some allergies of mine. I honestly hate having allergies, but I mean who doesn’t. It stinks not being able to eat or be around certain things. It makes me feel like I am missing out. Despite this, I am personally amused by the long list of allergies I have.

I am allergic to tree nuts which includes every type of nut except peanuts. Since I was 12, I had refused to eat nuts until my mom had me tested because both my sisters had nut allergies. Sure enough, I too am allergic to nuts.

There tends to be a pattern with my fruit allergies. I become allergic to fruits that I eat nonstop. I am now allergic to apples, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, peaches and pineapple. My allergist refers to them as raw fruit allergies.

Animals. I am highly allergic to cats, which kind of works out because I have always hated cats. They are gross. Unless they are a cute kitten or something. When I was 3, I had a borderline asthma attack from being in a house with 2 cats for a few hours. Learned my lesson, and I now take allergy medicine before I go into any cat infested home.

I am also HIGHLY allergic to horses. A few years ago, my family was in Utah on vacation and we were staying on a ranch. We went on a “sunset” horse ride (keep in mind we are literally in the middle of nowhere) and my sister and I started feeling lousy. Less than 10 minutes in, neither of us could breathe and our bodies were covered in hives. Due to the circumstances (nearest hospital was 3 hours away) it’s safe to say we did not receive proper medical treatment. I am pretty sure we took triple the recommended dosage of allergy medicine and double the recommended intake of our inhalers.

Fun fact: According to my blood test, I am also allergic to bunnies…. can’t say I have spent much time with bunnies to confirm it this allergy is legitimate though.


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